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Phones Away for the Day!

May 03, 2024 Share

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We're Delivering 9 New Targets

April 22, 2024 Share

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The Government's Next Steps to Ease the Cost of Living

April 02, 2024 Share

The National-led government has announced our next step to ease the cost of living for Kiwi Families. From 1 July, our FamilyBoost policy will ensure eligible families can receive up to $75 per week to help with early childhood education expenses. This is $3900 a year and will make a real difference to Kiwi families.

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IN THE NEWS | The moral issue of housing in Tauranga

March 21, 2024 Share

IN THE NEWS | Superhero Walk Raises Over $21K

March 20, 2024 Share

First 100 Days Conclude

March 02, 2024 Share

On Friday 8 March it will be 100 days since the National-led government came to power. We have been working at intense pace, getting our country back on track.

Labour put New Zealand wrong in so many areas, and it is important people never forget how utterly unfit they were to govern.

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Sports Clubs Facing Tough Times

February 19, 2024 Share

Community sport is a beautiful thing. It gives many children the opportunity to be a part of a team, improve fitness and coordination, use up their endless energy while all the time having a huge amount of fun. For some, it’s also an opportunity to chase their dreams. Many go on to play through their teenage years and into adulthood. It improves mental and physical wellbeing and can help keep kids out of trouble. Sport is a great thing for people personally and for society on a wider level.

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