We're Delivering 9 New Targets

The National-led government is proud to announce nine ambitious Government Targets to help improve the lives of New Zealanders. These targets cover a number of incredibly important areas and are focussed on improving the lives of Kiwis in Tauranga and across NZ.

The nine Government Targets to be delivered by 2030 include:

  1. Shorter stays in emergency departments, with 95% of patients to be admitted, discharged, or transferred from ED within six hours.
  2. Shorter wait times for elective medical treatment.
  3. Reduced child and youth offending.
  4. Reduced violent crime, including 20,000 fewer people who are victims of an assault, robbery, or sexual assault.
  5. 50,000 fewer people on the Jobseeker Support Benefit
  6. Increased student attendance, with 80% of students are present for more than 90 per cent of the term.
  7. More students at expected curriculum levels, with 80% of Year 8 students at or above the expected curriculum level for their age in reading, writing and maths by December 2030.
  8. 75 per cent reduction of households in emergency housing. 
  9. Reduced net greenhouse gas emissions: On track to meet New Zealand’s 2050 net zero climate change targets.

It is crucial we rebuild our economy so that we can afford to invest in the public services that New Zealanders deserve. We are an incredibly ambitious government. People of Tauranga and New Zealand deserve better and our government is committed to enabling you to live the Kiwi dream and reach your potential.