First 100 Days Conclude

On Friday 8 March it will be 100 days since the National-led government came to power. We have been working at intense pace, getting our country back on track.

Labour put New Zealand wrong in so many areas, and it is important people never forget how utterly unfit they were to govern.

They increased spending by 80% and oversaw a massive debt blowout that will take our children decades to repay, rocketing inflation that has punished Kiwi households, kids not showing up to school, spiralling hospital wait times, an explosion in rents, housing costs and homelessness, failing infrastructure, over 50% increase in gang numbers and a big spike in crime. That is their legacy.

In our first 100 days we are delivering for New Zealanders. We’ve repealed Three Waters, the Maori Health Authority, the unionised (un)Fair Pay Agreements and the Ute Tax to name a few. We’ve cancelled Auckland’s nearly $30 billion Light Rail and banned cell phones in school so our kids can concentrate.

We’ve made sure kids are learning an hour of reading, writing and maths each day so they can reach their potential. We’ve progressed work on a third medical school at Waikato University. We’re getting serious with gangs. We’ve made our emergency departments safer by deploying 200 additional security personnel. We’ve delivered more than $7 billion in savings from Labour’s wasteful and reckless approach.

This is a transformational government that will ensure we’re a safe, thriving, first world country delivering for you. I’m looking forward to the next 100 days.